Blackmail: the neighbour's wife 3
Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife 3 front cover.

Hot wife Laura Evans has now been blackmailed for sex by her pervert neighbour Barry Rex for the past month.

The gorgeous milf has endured numerous sexual humiliations at the hands of the depraved older man – in an attempt to stop Barry passing on evidence that could end her marriage.

Laura has consented to every disgusting sexual demand Barry has made, knowing that one false move could result in her becoming a single mum.

Now Barry has organised a special evening to mark the end of their arrangement – promising Laura a night she won’t forget.

With Barry’s warped mind involved, Laura steels herself for a final night of humiliating degradation, before closing this whole sordid chapter of her life forever.

However where Barry is concerned, nothing is straight-forward.

Will he let Laura go at the end of the deal?

Will he keep quiet and help save her marriage?

Or has Laura’s nightmare only just started?

Written by Peter Speed, Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife 3 – the climax is the latest addition to the hugely-popular Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife series.



Barry stood, raising his glass.
“I would like to thank you both for coming this evening.”
He paused, enjoying the moment.
“This is a special evening. Laura and I have been a couple for a month so it’s our anniversary.
“Gus, as you can probably see from the overly extravagant rings on her left hand, Laura is married.”
Gus nodded, keeping his gaze firmly fixed on Barry, who continued his monologue.
“She’s married to a little wimp named Rich. He likes wearing his wife’s tiny little panties to the office under his suit and dreams of watching his pretty little angel get intimate by a random black man.
“In other words, our lovely Laura has a sissy for a husband.”
Mortified that Barry was casually revealing her intimate secrets to a random stranger, Laura flushed but bit her tongue.
She had come too far to not fulfil her part of the deal.


Warning: Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife 3 is a 11,800-word work of fiction and is strictly for adults only.

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