Blackmail - the neighbour's wife
Blackmail – the neighbour’s wife

A hot MILF is blackmailed by her disgusting neighbour, entering a world of sexual depravity to save her marriage from the gutter.

Laura Evans has it all – a hot wife in a happy marriage with two kids and a husband who adores her.

Barry Rex lives next door. He’s approaching retirement, overweight, deeply unhappy at work and at home, and watches Laura’s husband Rich with a deep-rooted envy.

Then one day, fate presents Barry with an unexpected opportunity – blackmail.

Discovering a secret about Laura, he presents her with a stark choice – either become his sex slave or see her marriage ruined forever.

Laura loathes her neighbour – but will she play his sordid sex games and become a cheating wife to save her seemingly idyllic lifestyle?

This is an 8,300 word story containing graphic themes of blackmail, reluctant sex and extra-marital sex that may be offensive to some.

If this type of story offends, please don’t read it. It is strictly for over-18s only.

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