Seducing the Boss's Daughter
Seducing the Boss’s Daughter front cover

James Haywood is facing the sack. Stitched up by his control freak boss, the one-time golden boy journalist is now clinging onto his job by his finger-tips.

He knows his nemesis Chris Shaw has managed to destroy his media career and James is just waiting for the day to arrive when he joins the dole queue.

Then an unexpected opportunity for sinister revenge falls into James’s lap – Shaw’s beautiful 19-year-old daughter Charlie arrives at the newsroom for two weeks’ work experience.

Knowing his time as a journalist at the paper are numbered, James plots a dastardly and cold-hearted plan – the ultimate pay back on his boss.

He plans to breed his daughter and join the family.

Seducing the Boss’s Daughter is the latest work from Peter Speed, author of the popular erotic series, Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife.


The nubile blonde pulled me closer to her quivering lips, gasping in anticipation.
Her rasping voice was low but determined.
“I want it hard and I want it now.”
Charlie may only be 19 but she was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted.
And she wanted me.
I slipped the condom out of my wallet and ripped open the packet.
Charlie was thrusting her hips excitedly underneath me.
She peeled off her white slutty bra – which had been partly torn during our passionate clinch earlier – and threw it to the floor.
She was now fully naked. It was a truly wonderful sight.
Her tone was becoming more urgent as her patience became strained.
“Do it.”
I smiled at her, savouring the moment.
Charlie had not been kidding when she had previously warned me that she was a real handful, and not just in the breast area.
A moment later and the condom was on.
Happy that the latex was sitting comfortably, my gaze returned to the gorgeous blonde babe encouraging me to enter her so vigorously.
This was it.
I’d been waiting for an opportunity for months and last week the fates had finally dealt me a winning hand.
Charlie continued spouting the filthy stuff directly into my ear but I was no longer listening.
Although I knew I could not possibly feel it, my mind was trying to detect the small hole that I’d pricked into the condom earlier.
I smiled as I eased myself into my eager partner, thinking purely about unleashing my potent swimmers inside her fertile body.
The talking had stopped, her mind distracted by the pleasure elsewhere in her body.
Perhaps I should have been thinking about betraying my dutiful partner, Penny?
Or thinking about the sexy female beneath me urging me to ram her hard?
However my mind was solely fixed upon one person.
The single thought swirling around my mind?
Chris Shaw, I’m about to breed your beautiful daughter.


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